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Research fellow „Health and Agency“

Martina Schmidhuber studied Philosophy at the University of Salzburg (Austria) and received her PhD in 2010. She was research assistent at the department of Philosophy in Salzburg from 2007 till 2011. From 2010 until 2012 she was research fellow at Hannover Medical School at the departement of History, Ethics and  Philosophy of Medicine (Germany). In the winter term 2012/13 she was teaching Applied Ethics at the University of Bielefeld (Germany) at the department of Philosophy. Since February 2013 she is research fellow at the ifz.

Research interests: medical ethics (dementia, aging society), personal identity and education.

Philosphie Research fellow “Gesundheit und Tätigsein” e-mail


Dr. Martina Schmidhuber studierte Philosophie an der Katholisch-Theologischen Fakultät an der Universität Salzburg (Promotion: 2010) und war dort von 2007 bis 2011 wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin. Von 2010 bis 2012 war sie in einem DFG-Projekt an der Medizinischen Hochschule Hannover (MHH), am Institut für Geschichte, Ethik und Philosophie der Medizin, beschäftigt. Im WS 2012/13 lehrte sie Praktische Philosophie an der Universität Bielefeld. Seit Februar 2013 ist sie wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin am ifz.

In ihrer Forschung beschäftigt sie sich schwerpunktmäßig mit medizinethischen Fragen (Selbstbestimmung von Demenzbetroffenen), mit personaler Identität und Bildung.

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A Dialogue between Philosophy and Occupational Science
10.-11. January 2013
ifz Salzburg

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International pioneers of Occupational Science enter into the dialogue with renowned representatives of Philosophy about their core-subject: The human agent. This interdisciplinary dialogue will foster an advanced understanding about the human agent. Together we will develop a holistic view on „capabilities and justice“.

Conference Speech
Plymouth, 08.09.2011
Birgit Prodinger
Christine Sontag


We, as Occupational Therapists and Occupational Scientists, have referred to various disciplines (e.g. philosophy, sociology, psychology) in our generated and applied knowledge on human occupation. We add a very distinct perspective though, given our understanding that occupation and health are strongly interwoven, our commitment to enabling occupations, and tacit knowledge from clinical expertise. However, this perspective is not necessarily widely acknowledged amongst other disciplines.

Philosophy, Occupational Therapy
Research Fellow: „Health and Agency“


Christine Sontag is research fellow at the ifz and PhD-Student in Philosophy, University Salzburg. Her research interests are the Epistemology of Occupational Sciences, Core-concepts in philosophy and OS, e.g. concepts of Health,  humankind as occupational being and Good Life. She is committed to further a dialogue between Occupational Science and Philosophy.

2007: Master in Philosophy, University of Salzburg
1995: Diploma in Occupational Therapy, School for Occupational Therapy, Salzburg

Previous Employment
2008 – April 2011: research coordinator and executive director of the ifz. Institute for Advanced Studies in Socialethics; work encompassed conceptualization, implementation and coordination of various projects;

2001 to 2010: Own private occupational therapy practice; cooperation with kindergardens and schools, development of screenings for children with developmental issues, development of group-intervention-programs for children with sensory disorders;

1995 to 2001: OT in pediatrics in various institutions, including a school for children with special needs and an integrative kindergarden; project- in the area of vocational rehabilitation


Conceptualization of the symposium „Growing old well: an interdisciplinary dialogue with the benedictine tradition“ (in German; 2013)
Presentation „Growing old well from an occupational perspective“ (in German; 2013)

Conceptualization and moderation of the symposium „The Human Agent“ (2013)

Community based speaker-series on „Future perspectives on decent work from a gender lens“ (in German; 2010)

Conceptualization and moderation of a public lecture on „Initiating an open house for health-prevention in Salzburg: On the value of public spaces for active, suitably-skilled work (Eigenarbeit)“ (in German; 2010)
Conceptualization and moderation of the symposium: „Agency and Health. An interdisciplinary discourse“ (in German; 2010)
Conceptualization and moderation of NGO-conference (followed by a Think Tank) on „Resilience and unemployment“ (in German; 2010)
Conceptualization and moderation of international Think-Tank „Resilience and unemployment“ (2010)
Moderation of the symposium: „Anchoring Sen`s Capability Approach in the humanities” (in German; 2009)
Cope_LogoModeration of the symposium: „Application of Sen`s Capability Approach in social practices in children and youth. An interdisciplinary discourse“ (in German; 2009)

Voluntary Work
In 2001 Christine Sontag founded the humanitarian project „Cope. Developmental project of an Austrian-Indian-Friendship“. Cope supports destitute children and their families by providing educational- and microcredit-programms.

Birgit Prodinger


b_prodingerMultiple sclerosis (MS) is a episodic progressive neurological disease that is frequently diagnosed when people are at the peak of their careers and particularly socially active. The aim of this study was to gain knowledge about contextual barriers and facilitators that impact on work and social life participation of people with MS in Austria and Switzerland from their perspectives, and to subsequently examine cross-national experiences in the identification and priorization of factors identified by people with MS.

Fr 10.12 09:30-18:30 Sa 11.12 08:30-13:00


Das ifz eröffnet ein Forum für interdisziplinären Austausch und Forschung im Bereich Agency (Handlungsfähigkeit/-mächtigkeit) & Gesundheit, annehmend, dass zwischen beiden sowohl auf individueller als auch auf gesellschaftlicher Ebene eine enge Verbindung besteht.
Im Fachgespräch am 10./11. Dezember 2010 soll der Begriff der agency (Handlungsfähigkeit, Handlungsmächtigkeit) interdisziplinär charakterisiert werden. ExpertInnen unterschiedlicher Disziplinen sind eingeladen die Aspekte von Agency vorzustellen, die in ihrer Disziplin diskutiert werden.

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Occupational scientists refer to occupation as “the various everyday activities people do as individuals, in families and with communities to occupy time and bring meaning and purpose to life. Occupations include things people need to, want to and are expected to do” (ISOS, 2010). Also the characteristics of the discipline itself have been discussed extensively, such as the link of OS to occupational therapy (OT), the philosophical and theoretical foundations, and the international and interdisciplinary character of the discipline (Blanche & Henny-Kohler, 2006; Hocking, 2000; Laliberte Rudman et al., 2008; Lunt, 1997).

Philosophie, Ergotherapie Research fellow „Gesundheit und Tätigsein“ e-mail


Christine Sontag ist wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin am ifz und Doktorandin der Philosophie an der Universität Salzburg. Aktuell beschäftigt sie sich mit den wissenschaftstheoretischen Grundlagen der Occupational Science und Konzepten zu Gesundheit, dem Menschen als handelndem Wesen und dem guten Leben, wie sie in in der Philosophie und der Occupational Science diskutiert werden. Ihr Anliegen ist es, einen Dialog zwischen der Occupational Science und der Philosophie anzustoßen.

Christine Sontag leitet die Arbeitsgruppe zur Entwicklung eines Positionspapieres „Ergotherapie im Kontext der Wissenschaften“ (2011-2013).