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SolvorNatural Disasters and Resilient Communities
What is the connection between community resilience and disasters? Resilience can be understood both in terms of risk reduction and response to crisis. Resilience can be learned and developed. There is therefore hope for every community, and aid organisations can take the role as teacher or facilitator.

Pedagogy, Theology, English Scholar in Residence July-September 2010 Norway e-mail

Solvor Lauritzen is a PhD student at the University of York, England. Her field of interest is education in emergencies and post-crisis reconstruction. All individuals have the right to quality education. This right is articulated in many international conventions and documents, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948). Despite this, ensuring quality has not been a priority in emergency education.

Solvor’s research focuses therefore on the concept of quality, and fieldwork will be carried out in UNICEF run primary schools in refugee camps in Kenya in order to search for quality indicators in this setting. At ifz she is working on the topic of resilience in pedagogy, exploring the importance of resilience for quality education in emergencies.

Solvor has previously studied English, theology and pedagogy in Norway and England. She has also taught Norwegian and special needs education in Norway, as well as worked as a pastoral assistance and taught Norwegian to immigrants.