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Åsmund Aamaas arbeitet am ifz zum Thema Krisenbewältigung und Asylwerber in Österreich. Er untersucht die Krisenbewältigung ehemaliger Asylwerber aus unterschiedlichen Ländern. Durch „oral history“ Interviews gewinnt Aamaas Erkenntnisse über spezifische Formen der Krisenbewältigung von Vietnamesen, Ungarn, Iranern, Polen, Kroaten und Afrikanern.

Approaching Unemployment & Resilience
Thematic cluster
Salzburger Anstösse 2010


The most recent wave of resilience research is “characterized by a focus on multilevel analysis and the dynamics of adaptation and change. Resilience is defined as a broad systems construct, referring to the capacity of dynamic systems to withstand or recover from significant disturbances.”(Ann S. Masten, Development and Psychopathology, Vol. 19, 2007)

PhD Project Åsmund Aamaas


The PhD project focuses upon the resilience of asylum seekers in Austria. The context in which the asylum seekers find themselves can cause a number of difficulties. Even though the constraints can be hard to handle, also opportunities are found in the host society. This research focuses upon resilience qualities and processes at individual and collective levels among refugees and asylum seekers. The situation of asylum seekers and refugees today is set in a historical perspective, mirroring a renewed interest of the interface between social anthropology and history.