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Occupational Therapy
Research Intern
Jan-Feb 2013


Veronika Hörfarter is studying Occupational Therapy at the University of Applied Sciences Salzburg. During her research internship at the ifz, getting to know scientific work practice as well as deepening her insight on theoretical and methodical knowledge on research are important to her. She is especially interested in Occupational Justice.

Jän-Feb 2013


Veronika Hörfarter ist Studierende der Ergotherapie an der FH Salzburg. Ihr Anliegen ist das Kennenlernen der wissenschaftlichen Praxis sowie die Vertiefung von theoretischem und methodischem Wissen rund um Forschung. Dabei ist sie besonders an Occupational Justice interessiert.

Research Internship Feb-May 2011


Maia George Luna is a Philosophy and Political Science student at the university in Jena. Her main fields of academic interest are the epistemological and anthropological value of fiction literature, philosophy of science in general, ethics and philosophical anthropology. More practice oriented topics of interest are gathering information about several forms of discrimination (specially sexism, racism, homophobia and transphobia), how they take place in modern society, and how widespread the opinion is that we live in a post-discriminatory society.

Since the common focus point of all her fields of interest is the human condition, an internship at the ifz poses a perfect opportunity for her to observe closely what it’s like to investigate in a way that very consciously takes human beings into account. Her wish is to widen her horizons concerning how to make science truly be in the service of deeply human interests. After achieving the necessary experience and observations, Maia hopes to make this pursue of more humane science to her research field in further career stages.

Philosophie und Politikwissenschaft Research Internship Feb-May 2011 Colombia e-mail


Maia George Luna ist eine Studentin der Philosophie und der Politikwissenschaft an der Universität Jena. Die Themen, die sie akademisch am meisten anziehen, sind der epistemologische und anthropologische Wert der Literatur, die Wissenschaftstheorie, die Ethik, und die philosophische Anthropologie. Andere, eher praxisorientierte Interessensbereiche sind die Sammlung von Informationen über verschiedene Diskriminierungsarten (insb. Sexismus, Rassismus, Homophobie und die Diskriminierung im Bereich der Transsexualität, des Transgender und der Intersexualität); wie diese Diskriminierungsarten heutzutage genau aussehen; da oft die Meinung vertreten wird, dass wir in einer Gesellschaft leben, die eine “echte” Diskriminierung hinter sich gelassen hat.

Ein Praktikum am ifz ist die perfekte Angelegenheit, um einen Blick in eine Forschungswelt zu werfen, in der der Mensch das Wichtigste ist, da ihr Hauptanliegen in all ihren Interessensbereichen die conditio humana ist. Ihr Wunsch ist dementsprechend ihren Horizont im Thema “Wissenschaft für Menschen” zu erweitern. Ihre Hoffnung ist dann mit Hilfe der neuen Erfahrung im Bereich einer menschlicheren Wissenschaft zu forschen und diese zu ermöglichen.

Internship program


Our internship program offers several internships to students and scholars in an international and creative environment. We are pleased to receive applications from all fields of study. At the ifz the working languages are German and English.

Psychology Intern March-June 2010 Portugal


Organizational Recognition – Building a scale for its evalutation
Carla is a Master student in Organizational Psychology and a graduate student in Psychology at the University of  Évora, Portugal.
Her research topic is about organizational recognition in which she will build a scale of recognition of employee uniqueness and contribution, providing posteriorly more enriched data not only for the organization (managers, in particular) and well-being of their workers but also to the scientific and research community.

During her stay in Salzburg she will continue to do some research on the topic of recognition and provide assistance in some organizational issues at the institute.