Ethics and Care

What does a successful life look like when one is increasingly restricted and has to give up what one is used to? What resources can be drawn on and what difficulties arise – for oneself and for the people around? Who is responsible for enabling people in need of care to live a good life?

Ethics and Care

What matters in care & nursing


Caritas Austria and the ifz worked together on a common project focussing on the care of elderly people. In contrast to other studies, our focus was not on financing questions, but on human beings and their needs. People in need of care, their relatives, as well as their caretakers were included in our analytical approach. It is an approach that goes beyond questions that are mainly concerned with costs and benefits: What does a good life look like when people are increasingly limited in their abilities and have to give up on things they are familiar with or used to? What are the resources they can draw upon and what are the difficulties that occur – for the people themselves as well as for their caretakers? Who is responsible for enabling people in need of care to continue to live a good life? The aim of this report on ethics and care is to draw an image that is centered on the human beings. The conclusions of the report should then show the imperatives and present demands and suggestions for politics.



Buchner Elisabeth

Research Fellow, Political Science and