The project is targeted at young people between 16 and 18 years of age, and gives them the opportunity to become actively involved in social and political life in an extracurricular and informal educational setting, and to find creative solutions to societal challenges. Through cross-border collaboration with adolescents from Norway, these challenges are not only considered on a regional, but also a European level.

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Co-Creation Lab for Young Changemakers

About the Research

In cooperation with Fremtenkt, a social enterprise in Norway, the project aims at developing and testing methods to support participants in becoming actively involved citizens on a regional as well as a European level.

In a series of parcipatory workshops, young people in Austria and Norway learn from each other’s experiences, gain familiarity with different tools for democratic participation and receive training in ‚Futures Literacy‘ – an action-oriented approach to dealing with the future. By collaborating with peers in an international context, young people are encouraged to view societal challenges not only from a regional, but also from a European point of view. Young people are empowered to find common approaches to solutions and connect them to relevant frameworks like the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


As part of the project, four to ten socially-innovative ideas for improving communal life in the young people’s individual living environments will be developed. Applied methods are documented and evaluated academically; results will be published on a local, national and European level. Participants create a final, multilingual short film to share their personal experiences with the public.


Kos Fabian

Research Fellow, Philosophy and Earth

Bahtić-Kunrath Birgit

Research Fellow, Political Science, Human Rights and