Cohousing 60+

The demographics of Austria’s society are changing. According to current projections by the federal statistical office Statistik Austria, by the year 2050, there will be less than two people in employment for every retired person over 65. One possible way of reacting to increasing anxieties about social isolation in old age are living concepts that center communal housing.

Alternative Housing Concepts for Advanced Age Living


Guideline “Cohousing 60+”. The guideline addresses all relevant questions about establishing and maintaining living projects for elderly people. For example: What criteria need to be considered when selecting residents who will be sharing a home? What instruments may help to establish a sense of community? And how is it possible to maintain such a sense of community over time? The guideline provides answers that are both academically substantiated and practically oriented. Its target groups include alternative housing developers as well as parishes and social aid organizations, real estate companies and political decision-makers.

Range of Services

Information Events
We can organize information events that grant interested and committed persons an initial overview of options, illustrating, for instance, our research-based insights in greater detail.

Founder‘s Workshop
A workshop that provides a detailed step-by-step instruction for joint action, including practical elements for people aiming to establish a housing project for the elderly.

Individual Coaching
Consultation and assistance in solving practical issues, facing challenges, and making plans for the future. The coaching is particularly suitable for political decision-makers or heads of alternative housing developers, among others.

Academic Supervision
Comparative analysis of concepts, potentials, and impacts, as well as expert support of and practical acting advice for existing housing projects.


Kos Fabian

Research Fellow, Philosophy and Earth