Social Pathways Guide

In the summer of 2019, the first “Sozialroutenplan” (Social Pathways Guide) was published, providing basic information about counselling services and assistance programs in the City of Salzburg. Its aim is to function as a reference for people in difficult situations to quickly find help for their problems and needs.

Digitized Social Pathways for Western Austria

A printed version of the Social Pathways Guide, providing information about services available in the City of Salzburg, already exists. Now, a consortium of five academic institutions, 14 social services organizations, and three companies from the IT sector are working on a digitized Social Pathways Guide. The project is headed by Andreas Exenberger (University of Innsbruck.).

In the process of developing the Digitized Social Pathways Guide, the lives and needs of people in need of support by the welfare system take the central role. By involving people exposed to such needs, the project ensures that its most important principles – non-discrimination, accessibility, and usability – are proactively implemented. Ultimately, the Digitized Social Pathways Guide will provide a set of digital tools (an open interface, a mobile app, web applications) that will ensure flexible and barrier-free access to information about places of consultation, assistance, and services as well as information about conditions people need to fulfill for receiving services or other legal frameworks that are in place.

At the ifz, we are conducting the academic analysis as well as the supervision of the process in the State of Salzburg (conceptualization and organization of workshops, networking with social services institutions). Together with the Centre for Ethics and Poverty Research we contribute to the project by providing our expertise.

Project Partners

On this project, we participate in a consortium of five academic institutes, 14 social services organizations, and three companies from the IT sector.


Bahtić-Kunrath Birgit

Research Fellow, Political Science, Human Rights and


Die Digitalisierung des Sozialroutenplans schreitet voran

Projekte 23. Sep, 2021

Bei der Digitalisierung des aktuellen Sozialroutenplans geht es unter anderem darum, herauszufinden, worin mögliche Hürden, Hindernisse und auch Chancen bei der Nutzung eines digitalen Sozialroutenplans bestehen. Hierfür ist es besonders wichtig, mit Menschen, die sich in Notsituationen befinden und Hilfe bedürfen, zusammenzuarbeiten.

Das soziale Netz: der Sozialroutenplan für Salzburg (Apropos)

Pressespiegel 6. Aug, 2019

In der aktuellen Ausgabe der Salzburger Straßenzeitung Apropos (erhältlich seit Freitag, dem 2. August), spricht ifz-Präsident Helmut P. Gaisbauer über die Entstehung des Sozialroutenplans für Salzburg. Im Interview mit Autorin Christine Gnahn erläutert er auch noch einmal, warum diese Broschüre für Menschen in Not so wichtig ist. Lesen Sie hier den kompletten Artikel.