Tavassoli Tara

Research Fellow, Social Sciencesttavassoli@ifz-salzburg.at

Tara Tavassoli was born in Gorgan (Iran). She studied at the University of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources there and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree. In October 2012, she began her two master’s degrees in Barcelona at the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. She completed her doctoral thesis at the Polytechnic University of Catalunya on the subject of work-life balance. She has many years of experience in data analysis, SPSS and Python. During her studies, she worked intensively with statistical tools such as STATA and was able to establish herself as an expert in handling qualitative and quantitative data. Her research focuses on the link between sociology and economics as well as the administration and management of business and sales.

In addition to her native Persian, Tara Tavassoli speaks English, German and Spanish. Before her studies, she worked as a translator and taught English.

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