Symposium „The Human Agent – Capabilities and Justice“
Papers presented by Ursula Costa and Martina Schmidhuber

Self and Identity – Perspectives of an Occupational Scientist and a Philosopher

Meaningful Occupations as protective factors in times of crisis

Ursula Costa looked into the interrelated connection between self, identity and occupations. Thereby meaningful occupations are protective factors for the self when facing transitions or crisis.

It matters why we choose an occupation, how we engage, when and in which occupations we engage, where they take place and with whom we relate to, when engaging in occupations. – Thus, stated Costa; what, how and why we do something expresses, shapes, and develops who we are.

People create themselves through life-stories

Martina Schmidhauer addressed that facts about personal identity stand at the core of our daily, ordinary practice. They lay the foundations for our day-to-day interactions with other people. Thus, individuals create themselves through telling their life stories.

Furthermore Schmidhuber spoke about Nussbaum’s capabilities approach, declaring that agency needs capabilities. She added the relevance of considering the political dimension in this matter.

Ursula Costa and Martina Schmidhuber presented their papers at the Symposium „The Human Agent – Capabilities and Justice“.