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Prodinger Birgit

Birgit Prodinger is doctoral student in the Graduate program in Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, Field of Occupational Science at The University of Western Ontario, Canada and research fellow at the Medical University of Vienna, Department of Rheumatology, Austria. In her dissertation she investigates how the socio-cultural context shapes the daily activities of people with chronic diseases. In particular she is interested in how people with a chronic rheumatic health condition are situated at the intersection of the health care and social system, and how individuals negotiate and coordinate the – sometimes complementing and sometimes contradictive – demands that derive from each system.

At the ifz, Birgit Prodinger is participating in the research group on health and agency. During her time as a visiting scholar at the ifz in the summer 2010, a national task force for the development of a position paper on “Occupational Therapy/ Occupational Science in the interdisciplinary scientific context” was founded. She is very interested in contributing to the emerging discipline of Occupational Science in Austria.
Given her background as an occupational therapist, she draws on critical social and health theories to critically reflect and further advance clinical and therapeutical practices.

Her most recent publications:
Prodinger, B., & Stamm, T. (in press). The emergence of Occupational Science in Austria: An insider perspective. Journal of Occupational Science.

Prodinger, B., & Stamm, T. A. (2010). Self-Reflection as a Means for Personal Transformation: An Analysis of Women’s Life Stories Living with a Chronic Disease [38 paragraphs]. Forum Qualitative Sozialforschung / Forum: Qualitative Social Research, 11(3), Art. 6.