Social Emergencies

Through the research project “Social Emergencies” (“Soziale Notlagen”), the ifz conducted a content-analytical assessment of numerous letters people in emergency situations sent to the ombudsman’s office of an Austrian daily newspaper. Of the roughly 1500 letters that reached the office between 2009 and 2012, 260 exemplars were analysed in-depth. In those letters, people write about situations in their lives, where they are not or only hardly able to cover the costs for their lives. Other socially dangerous situations come into existence through domestic violence or personal and economic emergencies.

Through the empiric approach of the content-analysis, the diverse materials have been examined. The guiding research questions were: What are the social emergencies, Austrians have to face? What are their strategies to overcome those emergencies? What are influential factors that contribute to the appearance of social emergencies? The results will be published in book-form and will thus allow the public to gain a deeper insight into the topic.