Lernen macht Schule – A Future-Oriented Mentoring Initiative for Children

LmSchThe mentoring project „Lernen macht Schule“ is an initiative that aims to fight against the fact that the access to education is considerably limited for children from poor families. The reason: education is a key factor for a peaceful living together in our society!

„Lernen macht Schule“ is a program for volunteers. It gives students from all disciplines the opportunity to volunteer in the social and educational fields. In 2010, the project was initiated by Vienna University of Economics and Business – during the winter semester 2014/2015, „Lernen macht Schule“ will also be introduced in Salzburg. The initiative’s principal aim is to support the learning processes and integration through the cooperation between students and young people from deprived families. In doing so, the projects supports children, adolescents and young grown-ups that are subject to poverty and social exclusion to overcome those large barriers on their way to access education.

In Salzburg, „Lernen macht Schule“ was initiated by the following institutions: Salzburg Ethik Initiative, Centre for Ethics and Poverty Research at Salzburg University (CEPR), Caritas Salzburg, and the ifz. „Lernen macht Schule“ is funded by the project’s executing institutions and supported by the Raiffeisenverband Salzburg, the Katharina Turnauer Foundation and „Lernen macht Schule“ at Vienna University of Economics and Business. „Lernen macht Schule“ also aims to raise awareness about the social responsibilities among future academics. For that reason, the Austrian branch of Academics Stand Against Poverty supports the program as a cooperation partner.

After having completed selected seminars, students of Salzburg University will start their mentorships in autumn 2014. In cooperation with the Lerncafé of Caritas Salzburg, the students will support children and adolescents from deprived families once per week. During this time, they will not only learn for tests and exams and receive together and support the personal growth of the children, but also spend time doing recreational activities. The students will be advised, guided and supervised by experienced social workers. Lernen macht Schule offers students the opportunity to expand their repertoire of social and pedagogical competences. They will get the chance to become an educational role model and, in addition to that, get to know the work of a non-profit organization.

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