Living Spaces and Communities

Living spaces and communities are two fundamental environments human beings are embedded in. They shape the course of our lives as well as our identities; they support capabilities or block the potential for development of each and every one of us. In short: they are the spatial and social framework for the organisation of our individual biographies. In order to make that organisation successful, it is up to every individual person to actively contribute to a good living together. Our projects are such an active contribution to support local and regional communities in their activities to preserve living spaces.

Among the foci of our work in this research area are the following projects and subject areas:

Asylum seekers and community service in municipal context

Democracy, Ambiguity, Religion

Living in Residential Communities

Humanizing Institutions

Lernen macht Schule – A Future-Oriented Mentoring Initiative for Children

Tu was, dann tut sich was – Austria’s first Social Festival