Health and Spirituality

Aging in the Benedictine Tradition

Every single action of a person has an effect on his or her well-being and lifespan. This has been shown by numerous studies in the field of the Occupational Sciences. Already during the sixth century, St. Benedict of Nursia, founder of the Order of Saint Benedict, pointed to the value of labour, besides prayer and the reading of the holy scriptures: “Ora et labora et lege!”

Aging as a period of life is particularly challenging. Elderly people suddenly gain a lot of free time, which is opposed with a loss of their strength. The Occupational Sciences support aging people in the development of a realizable vision of themselves as active human beings. There is a need to find new solutions for mobility and the creation of safe surroundings. People are faced with questions about how to deal with illnesses, death or the loss a loved person.