Good Childhood

rettet das kind“Evidence-Based Quality Development”: Jointly Open New Doors for Children  – A project in cooperation with Rettet das Kind Salzburg

What is it that constitutes a good and happy life and how can it be achieved? What are the issues that need be considered about difficult personal and family situations for children and adolescents in care? With the project “Evidence-Based Quality Development”, which is academically supervised by Gunter Graf, “Rettet das Kind” faces those questions. In the course of the project a computer program was developed, which enables a target-oriented treatment and discussions of these issues. This software is now being employed in the daily work of the organization and fulfills three functions. First, it facilitates the planning and documentation of the care work. Second, it guides the co-workers through the reflection on their work by talking to the children and youths in care, which is an important indicator for necessary improvements. And third, it permits monitoring processes to show if the support measures of „Rettet das Kind“ actually have the desired impact.




DruckAcademic Supervision and Reflection of the Mindfulness Project by Pro Juventute and the Verein für Achtsamkeit in Osterloh, e.V.

In autumn 2013, the children’s aid organisation Pro Juventute initiated a pilot project on “Achtsamkeitserziehung” (“Education in Mindfulness”). At the core of the project is the training in mindfulness. Its main objective is to enable people to interact constructively with themselves and with others. This is particularly relevant, as the practice of mindfulness has an immense potential to develop inner peace and equanimity, so that people may strengthen their own personality and the quality of their relationships to others. In practice, the principle of mindfulness will be integrated in the children’s and adolescent’s homes of Pro Juventute as well as three Salzburg-based schools. The ifz is responsible for the academic supervision and reflection of the project.