Integration into the Labour Market

The aim of the project, which was conducted on behalf of the Federal State of Salzburg, was to provide recommendations for the improvement of measures to integrate people receiving Means-Tested Minimal Income into the labour market. The negative effects of long-term unemployment are considerable and bring along the danger to cause poverty or social exclusion. The integration into the (first) labour market has proven to be a reasonable and working solution of poverty alleviation. Our project aimed to contribute to that. The final report, including recommendations for further proceedings, was presented to the Federal State’s Department of Social Affaris in March 2014. It is available online as a pdf-file:

Study on the Integration of Means-Tested Minimal Income recipients into the Labour Market (pdf; 1,5 MB, German only).

In addition, a short overview of the study is available in the following information booklet:

Brücken zur Arbeitswelt (pdf; 1,5MB, German only)

The project was financed by the European Social Fund and funds from the Federal Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection.

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It was commissioned by the Territorial Employment Pact (TEP) “Work for Salzburg”.