Research Areas

The interdisciplinary research approach of the ifz follows the principle to do “science for the people”. This mission statement is reflected in the research areas of our research centre.

Student traineeships at the ifz (Erasmus+)

The International Research Centre for Social and Ethical Questions (ifz) offers traineeships in the fields of science and public relations supported by the Erasmus programme of the European Union.

Health Ethics and Generations

In this research area, our researchers explore the extent to which health is connected to a “good life”: They examine how important a successful childhood is for society, they analyse questions about dignified aging and dying and they look into different aspects of human occupation.

Living Space and Community

This research area is devoted to the immediate surroundings human beings are embedded in. Through different projects, the researchers of the ifz actively try to contribute to support and strengthen the preservation of the living spaces of local and regional communities.

Employment and Unemployment

Our third research area focuses on recognition and dignity at the workplace, on changes within working environments and job markets, as well as issues concerning unemployment and poverty. The aim of the research area is to support connections of research and practice in order to practically apply the gained insights.

Completed Projects

The ifz, which was founded in 1961 under Thomas Michels, was fundamentally restructured in 2009 and received a clear direction of research with the new President Clemens Sedmak. Since then, many burning questions have been discussed, current topics researched and exciting projects realized. Here you will find a selection of completed research projects.