Mission Statement

An Intellectual Guest House

The ifz is a guesthouse where international fellows and scholarship holders find a place to conduct research. The ifz is a meeting point for researchers working in different fields with diverse academic backgrounds and different areas of access.


An “Institute for Advanced Studies”

The ifz is a research institution which aims to open-up and develop new fields of research. In doing so, we approach relevant questions that have previously not been raised and we identify new fields of research emerging from current developments.


A Centre for Social Ethics

The ifz is concerned with fundamental and practical questions from the field of social ethics. Our aim is to approach ethical questions by contextualizing them with the central questions about the needs of a good life and a healthy society.


A Space for Peaceful Creativity

The ifz is a research centre that allows for a peaceful contemplation on fundamental questions on the human existence.


A Place for a New Research Culture

The ifz aims to establish a new research culture, characterized by the following attributes: “cooperation instead of competition”; “common fundamental questions instead of over-specialization”; “interdisciplinarity instead of approaches through single subject fields”.


A Location with History

Originally, the ifz had been established as a meeting place for the church and the sciences. The maintenance of that legacy remains important to us. The ifz is committed to following the Christian tradition and Christian values, including human dignity and solidarity.


An Institution that Serves

The ifz is a research centre that aims to serve the people. It cultivates sensitivity towards some of the central questions of our time and the needs of the people. The principal aim of the results of our studies and research is to offer benefits and concrete ways of assistance to people in need, by making them easily accessible and clear to understand.


A Place for the Support of Young Scholars

Especially young academics are invited to join the research community at the ifz, as the ifz aims to contribute to the education and support of future generations of researchers.


A Platform to Meet and to Connect

The ifz aims to be a platform for meetings and a forum for ideas. Thus, the research centre aims to bridge the gap between the academic and the non-academic world. The objective of our institution is to establish and foster an international communitythat jointly works on questions and solutions in the field of social ethics.


A Source of Impacts

The ifz aims to provide impulses to contribute to the formation of a healthy society, where a good and livable life is possible for everyone.