About the ifz

As an international research centre for social ethics, the ifz is a place where research on questions of how to improve people’s lives is made possible and discernible. It is a place for interdisciplinary approaches on socially relevant issues. The ifz aims to be a platform for ideas and solutions that serve our society, the church and the economy; it wants to achieve that goal through its academic work and by providing a meeting place, where academics and non-academics have the opportunity to meet.

logo uniThe ifz encourages an academic culture that supports cooperation and that recognizes and respects the personalities of researchers. Our research centre encourages and supports academic work that approaches research questions in target-oriented ways, through creative ideas, and by transcending disciplinary boundaries. Especially young scholars are invited to join the ifz’s research community. Thus, the ifz aims to contribute to the education and the support of future generations of researchers.

SEI_ok 2The ifz is closely cooperating with the University of Salzburg and the Salzburg Ethics Initiative. It is an institution of the Archdiocese of Salzburg and is supported by the City of Salzburg, the state Land Salzburg, the Katholisches Hochschulwerk (Catholic Association for University Affairs), and the Verein der Freunde des IFZ e.V. München (the funding association ‘Friends of the IFZ Munich’).

The ifz accepts research and development assignments by companies and institutions. Furthermore, experts from our research centre regularly present (public) lectures and speeches for seminars and company trainings.