Neumaier, Schweiger, Sedmak (Eds.) Lit-Verlag 2008 ISBN 978-3-8258-1019-1

Book: Perspectives on Work

Perspectives.on.WorkLabour, work and employment
Scholars from various fields discuss ideas within the context of the discourse on labour, work, and employment. The contributions deal with the concept and ethics of work, with policy implications of solutions to labour problems in the context of the European Union, with the future of work and with alternative forms of work as a response to the challenge of unemployment.

This book is based on the contributions that have been brought to the international conference „Impulses from Salzburg“ in May 2007.

Reihe: Perspectives on Social Ethics
Bd. 1, 2008, 320 S.

Clemens Sedmak: Perspectives on Work, the Future of Labour, and the Challenge of Unemployment
Hans-Christoph Schmidt am Busch: Work and Recognition. A Discussion Paper
K€stas Kirtiklis: Dialectic of Work and Leisure. Towards a Post-Work Society?
Çaslav D.Koprivica: Man between Autonomy and Work as Automatic System
Till Gruene-Yanoff/Lars Lindblom: The Interactive Nature of Work Incentives
Mathias Gutmann: Work as Form of Human Self-Development. Some Remarks on Cassirer’s Concept of Symbolic Forms
Nuno Rebelo dos Santos: Work: Contents and Context
Nicola D.Coniglio: Making Migration Work for Europe. The Case for a New Temporary Immigration Scheme
Gaudenz Assenza: Basic Income: Questions and Answers
Salvador Ortigueira: Technical Progress and the Evolution of Wage-Bargaining Arrangements
Fabienne Scandella: There Are Voices Coming up from Below. Some Observations on the Cleaning Industry in Two European Global Cities: Brussels and London
Bernd Brandl: The Trade-Off between Productivity and Job Growth in Europe and the Role of Social Partners in Socioeconomic Policy-Making
Corrado Andini: Structural Reforms and Labour Productivity Growth. Evidence from Portugal
Bogdan Voicu: Social Values, Working Time and the Future of Society
Jani Erola: Towards Greater Gender Equality in the Labour Market. What Can Be Learned from Finnish and Swedish Examples of Organising Parental Leaves?
Francesco Di Nocera: Hic sunt leones. On the Unethical Nature of Technology
Uta Wilkens: “Go-Betweens”. The Intermediate Areas of Rewarding Employment
Andra Aldea-Partanen: Virtual Work, Identity and Social Networks
Boris Najman: Migrations and Labour Market. Facilitate the Mobility
Roxana Gutiérrez-Romero:  Encouraging Entrepreneurship among Young People. Evidence and Challenges in Europe
Mauro Sylos Labini: The Case for Randomization in the Evaluation of Active Labour Market Policy
Anne Boschini: Self-Discipline for a Meaningful Working Life
Steven Loyal: The Future of Work
Christian Fuchs: Foundations and Two Models of Guaranteed Basic Income
Laura Romeu Gordo: Searching for Solutions: Flexibility and Teleworking
Ulrike Muehlberger: Workers at the Border between Employment and Self-Employment
Ioannis Nikolaou: “No Strings Attached”. Keeping the People Balance in Organizations
Maarten Biermans: New Forms of Work and Human Dignity
Maciej Jakubowski: New Schools? New Teachers?
Rune Halvorsen: The EU Equality Strategy and Employment for People with Disabilities. Lessons from Scandinavian Countries
Alena Biçáková: Unemployment vs. Inactivity. Why Do We Care about One But Not the Other?
Louise Haagh: Developmental Freedom, Unemployment and Poverty. Restating the Importance of Regulation to Agency
Ru-ta Braziene: Integration of Unemployed Women, Growing Preteen Children, into Labour Market