Hamilton, Neumaier, Schweiger, Sedmak (Eds.) Lit-Verlag 2009 ISBN 978-3-643-50069-4

Book: Facing Tragedies

Facing.TragediesSense of tragedy?
The contributions reflect on the nature and meaning of tragedy. They reflect on how victims of tragedy cope with and give meaning to their condition. The essays in this volume grew out of the reflections and discussions conducted during the conference „Impulses from Salzburg“ from May 6 to 9 in Salzburg, 2008, on „Facing Tragedies“.

Guillermo Lariguet: The Concept of Tragic Conflict. Between Challenge and Hope
Clemens Sedmak: Coping Strategies and Epistemic Resilience
Christopher Hamilton: Desire, Tragedy and Gladness
Ross E.Halvorsen: An Exploitation of Tragedy
Lutz Doering: Facing the Tragedy of the Destruction of the Jewish Temple
Ben Quash: Christianity as Hyper-Tragic
Mojca Ramšak: On Tragic Contemporary Honour Cultures
Rosalie Sinopoulou: Tragic Reality? Theatralization of Everyday Life or the Concept of Tragedy and the Historical Man
Roula Tsitouri: Transforming World’s Tragedy into Call for Social Action. The Brechtian Theatre
Peter J.Admirand: Theological Memory in the Face of Tragedy and Mass Atrocity
Nuno Rebelo dos Santos: Rule Obesity. Some Reflections on the Undermining Effect of Rules and Laws on Individuals, Organizations and Societies
Otto Neumaier: Tragedies and the Limits of Moral Responsibility
Andreas Exenberger: “One Death is a Tragedy, One Million is a Statistic“
Gerard Mannion: Terrorism and a Transvalued World Order. Compounding Tragedy
Thomas Riegler: A Tragic Hero? The Counterterrorism Approach of Jack Bauer in “24”
Raphael Hörmann: Social Tragedy and Political Farce. Marx’s Poetics of History and Revolution
Gottfried Schweiger: The Tragedy of Work. Reflections from an Hegelian Perspective
Arpine Kostanyan/Ani Kostanyan: The Problem of Trafficking and Unemployment
Saleh Ahmed: Employability and Socio-Economic Integration of Extreme Poor Women. A Review of a Non-Government Initiative from South-Western Bangladesh
Bishawjit Mallick/Joachim Vogt: Local Strategies to Cope with Natural Hazards. Experiences of Cyclone ‘Sidr’ in Bangladesh
Justin Chawkan: The December 2004 Tsunami and the Rebirth of a Nation with Special Reference to Sri Lanka. Responsibility as a Basic Concept of the Triumph over Tragedy in the Footsteps of Emmanuel Levinas

Reihe: Perspectives on Social Ethics
Bd. 2, 2009, 288 S.