Clemens Sedmak Continuum 2009 ISBN-13: 978-0567032690

Book: Religious Intelligence. Developing Religious Literacy in a Secular World

This book offers an exploration of religious intelligence in an era where public and personal belief has become inseparable. Since the events of 9/11 it has become increasingly evident that it is impossible to regard religion as a matter of personal belief alone and ban it from the public sphere.

Current debates about veils and headscarfs in Germany, France and England, caricatures of the prophet Mohamed in Denmark, and the public reaction to Pope Benedict’s Regensburg lecture on 9/12/2006 clearly show the need for better concepts of dealing with religiously sensitive issues, and people.

Recent research has developed a concept of multiple intelligences. Howard Gardner distinguishes between linguistic intelligence, logical-mathematical intelligence, musical intelligence, bodily/kinesthetic intelligence, spatial intelligence, interpersonal intelligence, intrapersonal intelligence, and naturalist intelligence („Intelligence Reframed: Multiple Intelligence for the 21st Century“). Surprisingly enough, he does not talk about spiritual or religious intelligence.

Clemens Sedmak develops a notion of religious intelligence based on the concept of  ‚emotional intelligence‘ and applies it to the European context in which these issues have frequently occurred in the 21st century.