Symposium „The Human Agent – Capabilities and Justice“

The Human Agent – Capabilitiees and Justice. A Dialogue between Philosophy and Occupational Science

Representatives of Philosophy and Occupational Science as well as Occupational Therapists met to develop a deeper understanding of the the Human Agent. In order to be able to create a preferably complex view, participants presented diverse approaches to Capabilities and Justice and discussed those.

Amongst others, Clare Hocking, Editor of the „Journal of Occupational Therapy“ and currently Scholar in Residence at the ifz, talked about Capabilities and Justice. Sridhar Venkatapuram, London, replied out of his perspective as a philosopher concerned with Public Health.

Furthermore Hans Jonsson, Ursula Costa, Martina Schmidhuber, Birgit Prodinger and Clemens Sedmak presented their view on the Symposium’s topic.

The dialogue contributed considerably towards the development of Occupational Science in Austria. In return Occupational Science challenged philosophy with its examples from people’s everyday life and made an important contribution towards the philosophical discourse on the Human Agent with its thick description.

Occupational Science

Occupational Science is an interdisciplinary science, concerned with health from an occupational perspective in regards to everyday life. At its center is the relation between person, environment and occupation. So far, this science is little established within Austria. Therefore the exchange with international pioneers in this area provided important insights.