Philosophy, Theology
Coordinator „Benedikt Akademie“

Teixeira Marina P.

Marina Teixeira was born in 1985 in Brazil and began studying Philosophy in 2003, in Rio de Janeiro. She took a big step in leaving her home country to live and resume her studies in Salzburg, in 2007.

“This decision was fruitful from the very beginning. Above all, I cherish the opportunity to meet so many people from different areas at the ifz and to cultivate a dialog with them.”

Between November 2008 and August 2009, she worked at the ifz on her master thesis on the concept of reason by Joseph Ratzinger. After graduation, she collaborated on the project “Approaching Capabilities With Children in Care” and joined Gunter Graf in his field study in Namibia.

Since March 2010, she works on the preparations of the annual conference “Benediktakademie”.