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Michaela Strasser was Professor for Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy at the Faculty of Law at Salzburg University. Her research interests included fundamental research and research on changing values as well as the philosophy and sociology of law and politics.

Her projects included:

  • Electronic Democracy: Online Debates and Consultations in the European Union
  • A cooperation with the Institute for Technology Assessment as an external expert
  • Member of the Austrian Academy of Sciences

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Otto Neumaier was Professor of Philosophy at the Department of Philosophy at the Faculty of Cultural and Social Sciences of the University of Salzburg.

Foci in Research and Teaching:

  • Ethics
  • Aesthetics
  • Philosophical Anthropology
  • Mind-Body Problem
  • Philosophy of Enlightenment

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Andreas Koch is professor for Human Geography at Salzburg University.

Research interests

Geoinformatics, in particular the simulation and visualization of dynamic spatial processes, supported by Geographic information systems (software: ArcGIS 9.0, 8.X as well as SpatialAnalyst, NetworkAnalyst, GeostatisticalAnalyst) and statistic methods with two foci: mutli-agent systems (software: StarLogo) and neuronal networks and evolutionary algorigthms (softwares: SNNS, JavaNNS an ENZO).

Statistics, in particular multivariate methods (an analysis of factors, clusters, paths and time series, categorical regression and answer tree) and geostatics (analysis of spatial correlations, Krigin).

Human Geography, in particular ontology of space, in relation to space/region and action, the meaning of system theory for social geography, in combination with geoinformatics: models of spatial interaction and agent-based geo-simulators in urban spheres.

Geography of Communication and Telecommunication, in particular the analysis of the use of information and communication technologies and their implications on spatial actions in micro-geographic and urban/regional households.

The economical geography of services, in particular the structure and development of financial services.

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After having been trained in Austria and Switzerland, Nora Bachofner became a medical specialist in gynaecology and midwifery in 2007. Being interested in foreign cultures and ideologies, she repeatedly spent time in Eastern Europe, Africa and India during her studies. There, she not only had the chance to practice her profession, but also got engaged in human rights issues and other humanitarian projects.

Since her sons were born, she has been living in Salzburg. Currently, one of her professional interests is prenatal diagnosis, where she is particularly interested in ethical questions and the consequences this practice has on society. Together with affected occupational groups, she is currently building a network in order to adequately deal with this topic and to stimulate a sociopolitical public debate about the issues.

The possibility for critical debates with different opinions and different perspectives on life makes the work at the ifz  personally and professionally enriching for Nora Bachofner.