Chairman of the Advisory Board

Sedmak Clemens

Chairman of the Advisory Board

Prof. DDDr. Clemens Sedmak has been FD Maurice Professor for Moral and Social Theology at King’s College London since 2005. As a visiting professor for Social Ethics, he currently holds the Franz Martin Schmölz OP chair for at Salzburg University. During the academic year 2009/2010, he held the Johann Gottfried Herder chair for Eastern European Studies at Jena University.

Since its foundation in 2005, Clemens Sedmak has been head of the Centre for Ethics and Poverty Research, a research institution at Salzburg University’s Faculty of Philosophy. Furthermore, he has also been the president of Salzburg Ethik Initiative (Salzburg Ethics Initiative) since 2006, a cooperation of science (Salzburg University), church (Archdiocese of Salzburg) and economy (Raiffaisenverband Salzburg). From 2009 – 2017, he was president of ifz. internationales forschungszentrum für soziale und ethische fragen, an international research centre for social ethics.

A Broad Range of Research Interests

Sedmak’s research interests cover a wide range of fields: poverty research and social ethics (world hunger, working environments, and unemployment), epistemology, philosophy of science, and philosophy of religion. Since 2008, he has been engaged in leadership ethics and even developed a new international course of studies for leaders and managers.

The Centre of His Life: His Family

Nevertheless, all these professional activities should not distract from the fact that life is primarily about one thing: as Erich Fromm once said, it is about achieving as much as possible in the art of love. Sedmak’s best training ground for that is his family: his wife Maria and his children Magdalena, Gabriel and Jonathan are his support, source of life and welcome challenges of a different kind.


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