Anthropology, Ethnology
Scholar in Residence July 2009

Ramšak Mojca: Scientific & pedagogical work

Mojca Ramsak -FOTO obdelana-RDECAMonographs
– Portret glasov: raziskave življenjskih zgodb v etnologiji – na primeru koroških Slovencev/The Portrait of the Voices: The Research of Life-stories in Ethnology: The Case of Carinthian Slovenes, Ljubljana, 2003
– Žrtvovanje resnice: opoj zmuzljivih diskretnih nediskretnosti/Sacrifice of the Truth: The Spell of Slippery Discreet Indiscretions, Maribor, 2006
– Družbeno-kulturne podobe raka dojk v Sloveniji = Social and cultural imagery of breast cancer in Slovenia. Ljubljana, 2007
(Full bibliography online)

– Project leader and contributor of 378 entries on Slovene ethnology, methodology and history in Leksikon etnologije Slovencev/Lexicon of Slovene Ethnology (Ljubljana, 2004); she had published for English language encyclopedias: The Greenwood Encyclopedia of World Folklore and Folklife (2006), The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Folktales and Fairy tales (2008); The Sage Encyclopedia of Play (2009) as well as for publishers LitVerlag, Cambridge Scholars.
– Co-founder of Center for Biographic Research in Ljubljana (2001).
– Conference presentations in Europe and USA, invited lecturer at universities in Vienna (1995), Łodž, Poland (1995), Zagreb, Croatia (1996), Klagenfurt, Austria (1998), St. Petersburg, Russia (2000), Bratislava, Slovakia (2003), Salzburg, Austria (2009).
– Member of international professional associations: American Folklore Society; Kula, Slovene Ethnological and Anthropological Society; Societé Internationale d´Ethnologie et de Folklore; European Association of Social Anthropology; International Association of Qualitative Inquiry.
– Member of research evaluation committees at Slovene Research Agency (2007-).
– Mojca Ramšak won 8 international grants or stipends; cooperated in 5 projects (USA, Europe).
– Nominated for Murko’s Award for excellent achievements in ethnology in 2005.

Pedagogical work
– University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Department of ethnology and cultural anthropology, Slovenia (1993-2000)
– ISH, Ljubljana Graduate School for the Humanities, Slovenia (2000-). She is coordinator for post graduate study programme Anthropology of everyday life (2006-)

Editorial work
(Co)editor of 10 publications/series/journals in Slovenia, Austria or Italy:
– Book series of Slovene Ethnological Society (Ljubljana, 1994-1998; 5 books)
– Bulletin of Slovene Ethnological Society (Ljubljana, 1994-1998;14 numbers of the journal)
– Unterwegs ins Dorf (Klagenfurt, Austria, 1993-1994; 2 books)
– Mediterranean Ethnological Summer School (Piran, Slovenia, 1994-1995)
– Studi Slavi (Pisa, Klagenfurt, 1997)
– Slovene Ethnological Lexicon (Ljubljana, 2001-2004)
– Life-stories from Ribnica Valley (Ribnica, 2003)
– Emzin (Ljubljana, 2009)
Member of editorial board of Etnolog (Ljubljana,2003-2009) and International Review of Qualitative Research (Urbana-Champaign, Illinois, 2008-).

Organisation of international conferences and scientific meetings
– Evaluation of biographies=Die Bewertung von Lebenszeugnissen. International Conference=Internationales Symposium. Tainach, 24. 5. 1997, Slowenische Volkskunde Institut Urban Jarnik, Klagenfurt, Austria
– International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry. Third International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry and the Politics of Evidence. Department of Advertising and the Interdisciplinary Program in Cultural Studies and Interpretive Research in conjunction with The Center for Qualitative Inquiry, at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2.-5. 5. 2007
– Experiencing Diversity and Mutuality. 10th Biennial Conference of European Association of Social Anthropologists. Ljubljana, 26.-29. 8. 2008, Ljubljana, University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology, Slovenia