Symposium „The Human Agent – Capabilities and Justice“
Paper presented by Sridhar Venkatapuram

Occupation = ? Impulses for the Development of Occupational Science

Sridhar Venkatapuram constructively criticised the development and use of terminology within Occupational Science. He called on Occupational Science to look into its core terms and added an example: what occupations does the term „occupation“ cover within the thinking of Occupational Science? Are there certain occupations consciously excluded from this term and if so which and why?

He stated that the terms are in need of clear definitions. Their roots within theories of Occupational Science have to be clearly elaborated. Then he characterised thick descriptions and the closeness to people’s daily lived experience as major strength of Occupational Science.

Thus, Venkatapuram supported Occupational Science’s further development with his insights.

Sridhar Venkatapuram presented his paper at the Symposium „The Human Agent – Capabilities and Justice“