Member of the Advisory Board

Nora Bachofner

After having been trained in Austria and Switzerland, Nora Bachofner became a medical specialist in gynaecology and midwifery in 2007. Being interested in foreign cultures and ideologies, she repeatedly spent time in Eastern Europe, Africa and India during her studies. There, she not only had the chance to practice her profession, but also got engaged in human rights issues and other humanitarian projects.

Since her sons were born, she has been living in Salzburg. Currently, one of her professional interests is prenatal diagnosis, where she is particularly interested in ethical questions and the consequences this practice has on society. Together with affected occupational groups, she is currently building a network in order to adequately deal with this topic and to stimulate a sociopolitical public debate about the issues.

The possibility for critical debates with different opinions and different perspectives on life makes the work at the ifz  personally and professionally enriching for Nora Bachofner.