Approaching Unemployment & Resilience
Thematic cluster
Salzburger Anstösse 2010

Meso-level: Resilient Enterprise

The term ‚resilience‘ – mostly used on an individual or personal level – can also be applied to a formal, structural, organizational, thus to a business level. Yossi Sheffi demonstrates this in his book The Resilient Enterprise whereas two aspects can be distinguished: lowering a business’s vulnerability (anticipatory resilience) and increasing a business’s ability to bounce back after a crisis (crisis management resilience) such as natural disasters, economic crises,
terrorist activities, or financial scandals. This can mainly be achieved by building in redundancy and flexibility.

  • What is the role of corporate culture in resilience? What is the “right“ corporate culture to create a resilient enterprise? Which values/value systems are crucial within a business philosophy to become resilient? How can these values be implemented and realized?
  • How are leadership skills connected to resilient supply chain management? What leadership styles support business resilience? How is individual resilience connected to business resilience?
  • Can a resilient enterprise be socially responsible? In what way is the co-determination right of the works council connected to a business’s resilience? How important is the structure of employment relationships (e.g. temporary work) on a business’s resilience?

Micro-level: The resilient unemployed

Macro-level: Political framework for a resilient society

Salzburger Anstöße 2010: Unemployment and Resilience