Approaching Unemployment & Resilience
Thematic cluster
Salzburger Anstösse 2010

Macro-level: Political framework for a resilient society

„Resilience“ can be applied to society as a whole. Mass unemployment can be understood as a societal crisis. It leads to poverty of huge parts of society. Special social groups may be confronted with social exclusion as a consequence. Dynamics and decisions during crisis are hard to understand for the individual. The individual, who is affected by unemployment, feels powerless in the face of macro-level developments.

  • What kind of political measures in general (strategies, activities…) are supportive to resilience of the unemployed? Which different models are there in Europe?
  • How to combine bottom-up or informal strategies with already established unemployment policy frameworks (e.g. active labour market policies) and institutions? Whichsuggestions can be made in the light of empirical cases/findings?
  • The extent of unemployment benefit in welfare states is linked with certain terms and conditions, e.g. with the mobility of labour. What kind of conditions would strengthen the resilience of unemployed and labour forces?

Micro-level: The resilient unemployed

Meso-level: Resilient Enterprise

Salzburger Anstöße 2010: Unemployment and Resilience