Lang David PhD project

lang davidLaughing as a human condition? A philosophical anthropological inquiry about laughter and its connection to resilience research

1. The three traditional theories on laughter, namely the superiority theory, the relief theory, and the incongruity theory – a taxonomy tracing back to John Morreall – will be analyzed with respect to the anthropological question whether laughter is a human condition.

2. The German philosopher Helmuth Plessner does so far not appear in this taxonomy. The question will be answered whether he fits into one of these theories or not. If yes, into which one and why? If not, why not?

3. The topic of laughter will be connected to the psychological topic of resilience whereas the focus stays on the anthropological perspective.

4. The psychological topic of resilience will be discussed under the philosopher’s perspective. The interdisciplinarity shall be fruitful for insights.