About the ifz

The ifz regards itself as a place where “Science for the people” is made possible and discernible. It offers space for interdisciplinary, subject comprehensive research for socially relevant questions. The ifz sees itself as a platform for ideas and solutions for our society, the church and economy; the work we do as a kind of science-based work which serves the people, as a place for academics and non–academics to meet.

logo uniThe ifz encourages a scientific culture in which cooperation from its members is encouraged and required , in which the scientist´s identity is of the utmost importance, in which ideas are thought out in questions and not disciplines, in which a solution orientated atmosphere is worked in and in which creative ideas are promoted and encouraged. The ifz invites, young scientists primarily to become part of its research institute.
In this way the ifz strives to contribute to the education and advancement of a new scientific generation.

SEI_ok 2The ifz works in close cooperation with the University of Salzburg and the Salzburg Ethics Initiative. It is an organisation setup by the Archdiocese of Salzburg and sponsored by the city and land Salzburg, the Catholic University and the society of the friends of ifz and registered association of Munich.

The ifz takes on research and development contracts from firms and institutes and supplies workcraft for lectures , seminars and company training.