Philosophy Scholar in Residence May 2009 USA

Hassoun Nicole

Nicole Hassoun is an assistant professor in philosophy at Carnegie Mellon University. She is affiliated with Carnegie Mellon’s Program on International Relations and the University of Pittsburgh’s Center for Bioethics and Health Law. Her articles appear in journals like the American Philosophical Quarterly, Public Affairs Quarterly, Environmental Ethics, and Utilitas.

Selected Publications

  1. “The Anthropocentric Advantage? Environmental Ethics and Climate Change Policy,” (forthcoming), in the Critical Review of Social and Political Philosophy.
  2. “Making the Case for Foreign Aid,” (forthcoming), in Public Affairs Quarterly.
  3. “Meeting Need,” (2009), in Utilitas, 21, 3.
  4. “Free Trade and the Environment,” (2009), in Environmental Ethics, 31, 51-66.
  5. “Free Trade, Poverty, and Inequality,” (2009), in The Journal of Moral Philosophy.
  6. “World Poverty and Individual Freedom,” (2008), in American Philosophical Quarterly, 45, 2: 191-198.
  7. “Free Trade, Poverty, and the Environment,” (2008), in Public Affairs Quarterly, 22, 4: 353-380.
  8. “The Moral Permissibility of Infanticide,” with Uriah Kreigle, (2008), in Journal of Applied Philosophy, 25, 1: 45-55.
  9. “Making Free Trade Fair,” (forthcoming), in New Waves in Ethics. Vincent Hendricks and Duncan Pritchard eds. Palgrave and Macmillian, London, England.

Select Papers in Progress

  • “Global Justice in a Globalizing World”
  • “Libertarian Welfare Rights?”
  • “Freedom and Autonomy”
  • “Fair Trade Bio”
  • “Basic Needs”
  • “Ideal Theory and Practice”
  • “Another Mere Addition Paradox?”
  • “The Aesthetic Value of Nature

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