Theology und History
Research Fellow
Project “Social Mapping”

Weinmueller Hannah

Hannah Weinmüller completed her teacher training studies in Catholic religion and history in September 2014. In addition to that, and besides her work at the ifz, she is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in history. She concluded her teacher training program with the submission of a diploma thesis on “Ethical Consumption. Purchasing Consciously as a Way to Contribute to more Justice in World Trade and the Global Economy.” Writing this ethically relevant thesis has further deepened her interest in ethical issues.

The trained theologian Hannah Weinmüller joined the ifz as a Research Fellow in October 2014. Together with Gunter Graf, she is currently working on the project Social Mapping. Furthermore, she supports the ifz-team with her theological expertise. In doing so, she is mainly concerned with Catholic social teachings and aims to work as a mediator between the Archdiocese of Salzburg and the ifz.