Study years and social engagement

Curriculum Vitae: Clemens Sedmak’s Study Years

Clemens Sedmak was born on 6 August 1971 in Bad Ischl, Austria. He studied theology, philosophy and sociology in Innsbruck, Linz, New York and at the ETH Zurich and finished his studies with theses on poverty and social exclusion, as well as on Ludwig Wittgenstein and Ioannes Duns Scotus. Clemens Sedmak conducted sociological studies in New Jersey and got involved with the “Missionaries for Africa” in Mozambique for twelve months.

As of 1992, he was student assistant at the Department of Philosophy in Innsburck and did his doctorates on the language-game model by Ludwig Wittgenstein, social theories God’s prescience and the liberty of humans and thus received the academic titles Dr. phil. fac. theol. (sus auspiciis Praesidentis Rei Publicae), Dr. phil. and Dr. theol.

In the context of his civilian service abroad in 1996, he managed finances and accounting of a forestry project in Bhutan and conducted a social study on the local changes that resulted from the project (“Social Impact Assessment”).

Habilitation Treatises in Theology and Philosophy

After returning to Austria, he finished his habilitation treatise in theology at the Catholic-Theological Private University in Linz (on the relation of theology and the social sciences) in 1999. His habilitation in philosophy followed in 2000 at the University of Innsbruck.

Several postgraduate courses complement Sedmak’s higher education:

  • Cultural Anthropology – Maryknoll/New York, 1994
  • Developmental Sociology – ETH Zurich, 1998-2000
  • Peace Research – University of Lancaster, 2002
  • Impact Assessment – INTRAC, London, 2003


Curriculum Vitae and Further Information