Research fellow „Health & Agency“

Bogaczyk-Vormayr Małgorzata

Małgorzata BOGACZYK-VORMAYR is a Polish philosopher. She studied philosophy, classics and political science in Katowice/Poland and Salzburg/Austria. 2004-2011 she was PhD student at the Graduate School for Social Research at the Polish Academy of Science  (GSSR PAS) . She spent research periods at the LMU-University, München/Germany, at the University of Salzburg/Austria, and at the University of Lviv/Ukraine. Since 2009 she is research fellow at the IFZ.

Her research interests include topics in Greek philosophy (i.a. Parmenides and Plato), patristics (desert fathers), phenomenology (Husserl, Stein, Gadamer, Fink), philosophy of dialogue (Buber, Lévinas), peace studies (Europe, Israel and Palestine), resilience (health, depression, existential analysis), and philosophy of art (specifically Art Brut). At the moment, she is working on a book manuscript on the philosophy of resilience: “Resilienz. Philosophische Essays”.

Bogaczyk-Vormayr has worked many years as a volunteer and as a social worker (Siemianowice, Poland); she has also worked as a cultural advisor, as a high school teacher (Latin), as a philosophy teacher (Children’s Universities in Warsaw, Vienna and Salzburg), and as a journalist (cultural reporting).  Since 2008 she is working on WhyWar project of the Friedensbüro Salzburg (Salzburg Centre for Peace).

Download: Diss_Abstract_English