Sozialanthropology Research fellow: „Resilienz“ 2009-2010 Norway e-mail

Aamaas Åsmund

Åsmund Aamaas holds a master in Jewish Studies from the University of Cape Town, and a master in Social Anthropology from the University of Bergen. He was research fellow at the International Research Center for Advanced Studies, Salzburg (ifz) 2009-2010.

The PhD project focused upon the resilience of asylum seekers in Salzburg. The situation of asylum seekers and refugees today is set in a historical perspective, mirroring a renewed interest of the interface between social anthropology and history. Empirical data will be collected from archives, interviews and participatory fieldwork at three different asylum reception centers.

PhD project: Asylum Seekers in Salzburg: Constraints, Opportunities and the Role of Resilience

Åsmunds’s previous research has examined issues such as intercultural communication and the motivation for becoming perpetrators of mass murder. Beyond academic studies Åsmund has experience from teaching, development work and farming. He was teaching at Kvitsund Gymnas in Norway, working at the head office of Norwegian Church Aid, and farming in Hjartdal.

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