Philosophy Scholar in Residence March 2010 Hungary e-mail

Gheaus Anca

Anca Gheaus earned a PhD in philosophy in 2005 from the Central European University in Budapest. With a thesis entitles “Care and Justice; Why They Cannot Go Together All The Way”. Now she is a post-doctoral researcher at the Philosophy Faculty of the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, where she is part of a project on ‘Social Justice and the New Welfare State’.

Anca’s main interests are in ethics, political philosophy and feminist theory. During the past years she has worked on various aspects of the relationship between care and justice, on which she has published several book chapters and journal articles in Hypatia, Feminist Theory, Basic Income Studies and Raisons Politiques.

During her month as a scholar in residence Anca will focus on normative issues around care drain from Romania. She will address the question of who should be responsible for meeting the needs of migrants’ dependents who are left behind – particularly those of children whose parents are working abroad for substantial periods of time.

Anca Gheaus profile
Anca Gheaus – University of Rotterdam