Philosophy, Occupational Therapy
Research Fellow: „Health and Agency“

Sontag Christine

Christine Sontag is research fellow at the ifz and PhD-Student in Philosophy, University Salzburg. Her research interests are the Epistemology of Occupational Sciences, Core-concepts in philosophy and OS, e.g. concepts of Health,  humankind as occupational being and Good Life. She is committed to further a dialogue between Occupational Science and Philosophy.

2007: Master in Philosophy, University of Salzburg
1995: Diploma in Occupational Therapy, School for Occupational Therapy, Salzburg

Previous Employment
2008 – April 2011: research coordinator and executive director of the ifz. Institute for Advanced Studies in Socialethics; work encompassed conceptualization, implementation and coordination of various projects;

2001 to 2010: Own private occupational therapy practice; cooperation with kindergardens and schools, development of screenings for children with developmental issues, development of group-intervention-programs for children with sensory disorders;

1995 to 2001: OT in pediatrics in various institutions, including a school for children with special needs and an integrative kindergarden; project- in the area of vocational rehabilitation


Conceptualization of the symposium „Growing old well: an interdisciplinary dialogue with the benedictine tradition“ (in German; 2013)
Presentation „Growing old well from an occupational perspective“ (in German; 2013)

Conceptualization and moderation of the symposium „The Human Agent“ (2013)

Community based speaker-series on „Future perspectives on decent work from a gender lens“ (in German; 2010)

Conceptualization and moderation of a public lecture on „Initiating an open house for health-prevention in Salzburg: On the value of public spaces for active, suitably-skilled work (Eigenarbeit)“ (in German; 2010)
Conceptualization and moderation of the symposium: „Agency and Health. An interdisciplinary discourse“ (in German; 2010)
Conceptualization and moderation of NGO-conference (followed by a Think Tank) on „Resilience and unemployment“ (in German; 2010)
Conceptualization and moderation of international Think-Tank „Resilience and unemployment“ (2010)
Moderation of the symposium: „Anchoring Sen`s Capability Approach in the humanities” (in German; 2009)
Cope_LogoModeration of the symposium: „Application of Sen`s Capability Approach in social practices in children and youth. An interdisciplinary discourse“ (in German; 2009)

Voluntary Work
In 2001 Christine Sontag founded the humanitarian project „Cope. Developmental project of an Austrian-Indian-Friendship“. Cope supports destitute children and their families by providing educational- and microcredit-programms.