Research fellow „Work and recognition“

Schweiger Gottfried

Dr. Gottfried Schweiger studied philosphy at the universities in Salzburg and Vienna. Since 2009 he is research fellow at the ifz and currently works on the project „Decent Work: Cuktures of Recognition“. Since 2011 he is also Senior Scientist at the Center for Ethics and Poverty Research of the Paris-Lodron-University Salzburg.gottfried schweiger

  • His research interets lie within the field of moral and social philosophy with a special emphasis on the deployment of theories of justices regarding work, labour, poverty, unemployment, and the welfare state.
  • His research project „Decent Work: Cultures of Recognition“ tries to link such distinct debates as on the recognition with such as on the increasing flexibilisation of work and labour. Schweiger aims to develop a framework for „cultures of recognition“ which respond to these changing environements of work and the welfare state.