Philosophy, Scholar in Residence, June – May 2009, Hungary

Orsolya Reich

Orsolya Reich is student at the Central European University in Hungary. During her stay in Salzburg (June-May 2009) she works on the topic: „Luck egalitarianism and health care“.

Luck egalitarianism and health care

Our choices on what we eat, how much time do we spend with sports, whether we see have medical check-ups regularly, highly influence the risk and the burden of disease. Luck egalitarianism appears to imply that those who get sick for they chose an imprudent, unhealthy lifestyle should not be treated, if not entirely on their own expenses. The work of O. Reich argues, first, that luck egalitarianism does not necessarily involve the abandonment of the imprudent. Second, that this is rightly so. Responsibility considerations, at best, should play an ancillary role in the allocation of scarce health care resources.